Tuesday, November 23, 2010

@ Did I tell you that...

Emtie: When a blogger blogs about a follower... well .. It' feels good ;]:..  btw.. I'm sooo hungry, so i'm going to make a BLT'sandwich.~ "Eating"

I was reading one of the blogs that I follow through my Twitter, and then it hit me.. I was like "who the heck is that Maria Thanh Tran? Funny that we share the same name beside I just have an ekstra Thanh". And then I read the comments, and saw a comment from my friend Anna.... yeaah .. so I found out it was me... Hahahhah ! '

Btw. I think I would recommend this blog:

Allan Tram is a model, photographer and an awesome blogger cause he blogs about everything.. and the best? Yeah you bet it's the humor, the food and the fantastic pictures he takes ! Check up on him ;)

and I was like "whaaaat?