Saturday, November 27, 2010


Emtie//: this post is going to be in English this time cause i'm writing this while having English lesson.

Okayokay.. yeah I suck, but better late than never ;)
Dearest... I have a friend called Jenny N. She's proud and has a fresh personality. She always smiles, even if she's not okay. Her mood's always calm and cool, but with a twist. Her heart is like fireworks. It lights up your vision i colors, makes you feel warm and spreads happiness too. She makes my mind smoother and clearer. My mouth even wider. I always feel childish. She's like a second mom and a sister in one body. She always convincing me to bake her a cake she wouldn't eat, cause she knows it's gross. When we are out shopping, she always jokes that she has something better to do than hang out with me. And when she's bored she's like: " Can I kick your but or draw on your face, your choice ?" When her eyes gets caught by a guy that she thinks she knows, she would call him, and if he's not picking up the phone, she would still hang around just to check who it is. And when we're at the train station..... she always yells after her friends. You know... REALLY LOUD!,  Usually we're really bored with the Jensens Restaurant, but we always end up there, ordering a 3 dish menu with desserts and 2 times extra sauce and potatoes. In the end we always fell like we going to puke and considering to ask the host to pack the food and take it with us. In case if the bus's late or we're hungry again.  and the days after.... yeah we usually don't eat anything at all... Only Candy .. XD

She makes me human.
  That's why I care about her. I like her for being herself. She makes me happy and rarely safe.
And she always tells me that she needs a bathroom when we're at a random place.. So .. When you see us .. We're on a toilet hunt ;).

 She's my inner strength .. and she's a girl ;]
+ ... She's pretty ugly.. hahahah!!