Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julie & words


Before Christmas I finished re watching one of my favorite Japanese dramas, that I also watched back in 2008. I just missed the story, and I needed a break, because the time between Christmas and new year is so intense, and that made me do a "Hana Yori Dango - marathon". My little sister was curious so I let her join me, but the drama was with English subtitles and she thought I was high every time I laugh. I translated some of the jokes and it has kinda had an effect on her... I think so...
- Cuz just today, while we were eating, my dad complained that she didn't concentrate on her math work and had to study a bit more, but then she replied in English that she's a person of "size"... Well... I think she meant that she's a person of "sense", because that is what people would normally say.. and because she's kinda chubby and hates to talk about her body... So that would be weird for her to say stuff like that.. hahah..
Well .. she did also make another mistake... She told me that i wasn't "fantasy" any more, but I know she meant "fantastic".. I think I have to get her a game, where she can improve her English cause it sucks right now' XD