Monday, December 27, 2010

Old guy .


Today's my cousins 20th birthday'. He's kinda like an older brother for me. An older brother I don't get to meet so often, but I have the feeling he's always been there. He had just moved out too early' hahah .
Well .. I just want to say thanks to him. Thanks for being there when I was in need, both physically and psychically . There's so much good about him, but the best is his face!
I literally love his facial expressions - He's always smiling and at the same time he's lifting and twisting his brows' in such a humorous way. I do feel sorry for never telling him how much he means to me, because I'm always so selfish and tend I get to forget. Well ... now he knows... If he get to read this post'.

Happy Birthday Bin
I wish you the best - you deserve it.


- Just to be sure... I'll post it on his facebook wall !