Sunday, December 19, 2010



Emtieiscrazy//: is now on..

Actually it happed a week ago but I totally forgot to post about it... hahaahha! ;)

My family went to Bauhaus after church and they had their first opening day since they build their warehouse bigger. They had some kids activities like you could make your own pancake, make your own birdhouse, eat candy and slush ice, make drawings or go on treasure hunt.Well .... My siblings, my cousin Danthy and I got to try like all of it and it was really fun. I know I'm kinda old to do these kinds of stuff but I really enjoyed it and I find it okay to be childish for once in awhile cuz it makes me feel alive. Everybody should try it !!

btw. I filmed a couple of clips from the hunt, but the quality is pretty bad because i used my damn old cellphone... actually ... it's bad anyway...and I don't know how to use the new windows movie maker... sooo this one stinks... I have to practice till next time..
 - Enjoy me acting like a child ... hahahaha this is soo bad!!