Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Un]lucky Emtie’.

 Emtie//: Loool..who am I to be in these situations where even my baby'brow pity's me ?
Answer. OFC! you're emtie .. what do you expect??
FYI - it's going to be a long post today...
billede 017
How I look like today:
   Cardigan – H&M
   T-shirt – H&M
   Pants – Soaked in luxury

billede 022
It started out with that I woke up late (9.30),  prepared myself and went downtown to meet
with Baaby and Dzu at the railway station. We agreed that we would go to Rosengårdcenteret, because I wanted to return some stuff billede 040
and enjoy the early January sale. We picked up
Bin and went to Baaby's place, to borrow a car,
but then two of my cousins wanted to go with us,
and my grandmother asked me to take the bus with them.. Since it's my grandmother I had nothing to complaint about, and waited for the bus with my cousins, while watching the car leave without me. The the bus came but it was the wrong one so we sat there for 45 minutes before reaching the mall.
When we finally arrived I went in H&M as the first and then all the older ladies declared sale war on me. I survived with a ultra nice coat, that I'm going to show tomorrow.
I met up with the rest of the gang and went hunting for sale signs. It was kind of funny how everybody looked at us.. Have they never seen a group of Asians  do shopping before?
billede 046billede 047
                      -The gang                                                              Baaby

Samsøe Samsøe welcomed me with a choir of alarms .
The sales assistants checked my stuff, and tried to figure out what set the alarm off like that. I ran forth and back with my stuff just to make sure I didn’t have anything that would cause suspicion.
They tried my shopping bags, – nothing
My purse – nothing
My new wallet my cousin Anh Thu got me for Christmas – nothing
My coat – nothing
My cardigan – nothing
At last I got to collect my stuff, cause they couldn’t find anything wrong, but when I walked out from the shop… THE FREAKING ALARM WAS AFTER ME AGAIN!!!¤%&/
When it was about 18 o’clock I had to head home, cause I was going to a reunion party with my old classmates'. I hurried out to the bus stop and the sign told me that the bus would be there in 5 minutes… well … I WAITED &#¤&#¤ 30 MINUTES!”#¤% and when I got to the railway station where I have to change bus,… The main screen told me my bus would be there in 23 minutes… I was so mad and yet so cold, that I went to McDonalds and got a hot chocolate with sundae ice cream to warm my heart with.
When I finally reached home, I had to leave immediately again to get to the party in time. I ran of with my bike but fell in to a pile of snow, when I was racing down the slippery roads. The handle got bend but it was easily fixed, but the wheel was flat and luckily enough there was a bike shop nearby. I fixed the problems and jumped on my bike again and raced to my friends house where the party was held.
I had a wonderful evening with my old classmates. It had been awhile, cause since we’re in different schools I don’t get to se them often. Actually it’s been 6 month for some faces.
At 12 I decided to leave the party. I thought it was the best to leave when you’re on the top and your condition’s still okay and can control your behavior, rather than being carelessly drunk and wasted .
I left with my bike again, and the fresh air cleared out my mind and in no time I became sober again, but about a meter from my house, I fell into a huge pile of snow with my bike up on me. The strength left my body and for about 10 minutes I was passed out. I woke because it was really cold and I could feel that the snow was melting inside my boots.

billede 051
billede 057

   So that was my day .. how was yours?