Sunday, January 23, 2011


When I was about 3-4 years old, we had some kind of “dress up”- day at the kindergarten. It’s called “fasterlavn” in Danish but when I tried the translator it said Shrovetide, and I’m not sure if that’s the right word. Well.. It’s like Halloween where you dress up and do the “trick or treat”, but it’s held about the first week in February and it’s only about 1-2 days . But at my kindergarten we held a small party. I was dressed up as a dog.
I borrowed the costume from Baaby, and I thougt I looked cool. I was a Dalmatian and had black spots painted all over my face.
I remembered we started out with pizza rolls and sausage  rolls and well it’s not common in the states, but Scandinavian kids eat this a lot ^^. I sat at a round table beside my two best friends and ….
-  I fell so sorry right now.. Cuz I don’t remember their names, not even their faces - even though they were my best friends in 2 years. We loved to be around each other and we all knew that we would stick together even when we start at the same local school someday.

    We were always together, but that day … I couldn't recognize them. They both seemed so different. She used to have a firm ponytail but this time, her hair was long and wavy. She was dressed as a fairy and I remembered that I was envious, because she was so pretty in her golden purple skirt and she had an enormous butterfly painted on her face with all the rainbow’ colors. But she still had the same smile on her face like she used to. A smile without showing any teeth. 
And he was dressed all up as a power ranger, and had his faced hid with this big helmet. He used to pad me on the shoulder every time he said hi and so he did this time too, but I was kind of shocked.

Yeah – my two best friend was a boy and a girlNot a surprise huh ?

After the meal we played together and after a couple of hours, I felt more comfortable. I knew they were different on the outside but still remained the same on the inside.
But even at young age I was a serious type. I told them, at the end of the day,  that they seemed different. They both laughed and told me not to worry. They knew that I was going to move away soon and promised me that when we got old enough, we would reunion someday.

Actually just by now I remember it - They have always been a couple and I was their best friend.  They were both tall Asians and since I was the shortest and youngest among them, I always had their concern and attention.. I was like a sister to them. I was spoiled. always been. 

Once I had a serious talk with them. She smiled at me as usual even though I was sad and then she braided my hair and let me have her pink hairband.
He told me, that even though his sweetheart was the most important person to him and despite that, he would stay loyal to me and promised to never forget me and search for me someday. It didn’t matter where on earth I was.  They would both find me. And to comfort me they told me it was like hide and seek. The seeker would always find the persons who hid. 

I left without saying goodbye. They didn’t knew that I just disappeared. Because they didn’t know when I moved. I just left without knowing it myself.

It’s been awhile now… And I haven't met any of them. But I think I have. I just can’t remember them. Their  names, their faces - That’s all.
And maybe they can’t remember me .. or recognize me.
- I’m still disguised. My face is still covered with these spots on my face as at the time when I was dressed as a Dalmatian . 

And they might only remember the girl. not the dog.

The friends you have when you’re 4 can’t be measured with the friends you have when you’re 16 or 30. Friends never comes for reason but somehow they only stay a season. Apparently  it’s been like that for me.

The power ranger and his Fairy princess and their Dalmatian playing hide and seek.