Thursday, February 24, 2011

Month of births


Today is my little brother 6th and my cousin Hoang vi’s 20th birthday
 Happy Birthday Chi Vi and lots of greetings from the family!
– young, fierce and funny forever!Smiley med åben mund
(I' will bake you a cake next time)

Yesterday was Baaby’s little brothers (and my cousin) 15th birthday and we held a small family party for him with lots of delicious food – spring rolls with beef and an awesome ice cake with caramel flavor. Uhhhhhm!’

Right now I just finished a piece of chocolate cake and I’m disappointed but not surprised… I knew from the start that I did not have enough butter when I was going to combine the ingredients… but I thought it would be okay anyway. The cake ended up being a bit dry but still it is packed with a deep and thick flavor and has a quite nice consistence. I loaded it with chocolate chips and when I poured the paste in the round shaped tin…. the bottom fell off … well omg I never thought it would be that heavy ?… After a big mess, some of my cousins came and then we sang and ate the cake’. Dennis is quite happy with my gift for him(because he had chosen it himself), and I never thought he would chose a piece of clothing …. I was sooo surprised… and even from H&M…
- I did actually grab him tightly… and asked if he was an alien that had suck my dear little brother’s brain out or replaced it, but then he said his famous line:” oohhhh MAN” but I’m still suspicious…. hahahahah JK JK!’ – I’m not suspicious but all that did actually happen Æh-bæh

There is only one day in the year where “pandekager”(pancakes) and muffins become bandekager(?) and Mafias.


Dear Dennis … You’re such a tongue twister. Happy birthday and I love you.



Tonight I’m going with Baaby to the opening sneak peak @ Monki’s strore at 7 PM and I’m looking forward for it’.  + Yeaaaah! I will blog about it Smiley med åben mund & the reason why the title of this post is named “month of births” is that there is about 8 people in my family whom birthdays are in this month. Æh-bæh

unfortunately I can’t find my wire for my camera … so no pictures yet