Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 days

Yesterday was the International Women's Day and I felt like it was a day like all the other days. There was focus on women in the newspapers, but I was really disappointed that the articles were not as “juicy” as last year… (sigh).
Today the lent started. I’m am Christian Catholic and I am fastening this year.. Well’ I would at least do a try! The day started out quite bad, because my mother forgot it and she had packed lunch for me for school… Yeah I had to throw it out, because I already had eaten breakfast …. and when we had biology class today, we had about sexology …. HAHAHA!(blush*)!
Anyway … I was sooo hungry!!.. and soooo tired!!!

39 left ? - I’m willing to fast!!

To fast means willing abstention from food, drinking etc. but don’t worry. I will still eat, but not as much as usual.
I want to fast in another way too – I think I want to cut down my unnecessary needs and I tried to write a list earlier today. We will see for how long I will survive. I will still blog though!! I think I would be too bored to death if I had to live in abstention from the internet…. HAhahahah!’

Here is my list so far:
No alcohol
No red meat (Maybe no chicken too?) – at least I can still eat seafood^^
No fast-food or eating out if it's not healthy.
No sweets …. ( I am 99% sure that I would have to erase this one immediately)
No instant noodles (easy! since I only eat it rarely ^^)

- I think I would plot some extra on this list later ….Smiley

And since I got so negative when looking at the “no-list”, I want to do a “more-list” and here it is’. - Unfinished, but I can’t remember anything else right now,.

More exercise
More family time
More sleep
More focus on my messy room
More vegetables !! – FOR SURE I LOVE BROCCOLI! Smiley med åben mund

+ Read some more… I have a book to read with a deadline in the end of March.

Damn you stomach !
- Mentally I’m not hungry at all…
and I would love to be neutrally pale!


 markthx brow for the editing the pictures’ I owe you candy^^;