Monday, June 27, 2011

Michelle's fan.

The other day, i was counting my eyeliners - just to check if one of them was missing, and I finally found my OLD black liquid eyeliner. It is a bit dry and not really useable because it tends to clump when applying it, but as I was about throw it in the trash bin I thought - why not play with it rather than waste it. I often complain that I have small eyes, so I tried to draw them larger just for fun, by extending the lines at the inner and outer corners It reminds me about my favorite guru Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials. I love to watch them on YouTube, and my interest for makeup grew bigger by each video she uploaded. I did not have a clue what a stippling brush or a blending brush was, before I saw her tutorials. All the amazing techniques, her creativity and her will, ambitions makes her inspiring and definitely one of my idols.

Oh yeah!! check nigahiga's video - how to be makeup on YouTube ^^

~ Emtienism out