Friday, June 24, 2011


Just got home from a concert an hour ago. It was a free concert for students and I went there with a bunch of my classmates. I 1000x100 Them Socks/We Are's music. I had only head a bit about the band and i have one single on my phone, but now I have fallen completely for their music. ~ I am so honey I can't breath" haahhahahaahah!!!
There was also Vinnie Who and i loved the guitarist !! He was damn awesome! He shuffled while he was playing!!! xD The singer had a really funny voice when he talked normally and the way he danced around on the stage was quite epic' haahah.

the floor is made out of lava - was REALLY GOOD , the singer's face was ... ^^ hahaha. Well I liked his face - mostly the shape. Me and my friends discussed it and he's quite amusing ..hahahah what the hell am I thinking ? I went to a concert and lookad at a man's face instead of listening to the music.. Hahah not ! I really liked their songs!!

The lead singer of We Are and me.^^

Btw I got a free ticket for a beer, because I modeled with my friends for a picture for Albani beers. Hahahah' that sneaky English man even told us that he had taken serval pictures of us before he dared to ask us for permission. With luck I might end up in a campaign, but what is the chance ? And with my face? No doubt - never.

Okay I might better get into bed . It's late - baby goodnight .

~ Emtie