Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eat Shoeshi!#

GOSH' - Bad joke -.-, 
but here is today's v'log  -  in English this time.
It took like forever to film, because i had to make the Ipad stand and make sure it would not fall, when i started to film. It took an hour on YouTube, another hour to fix the annotations due my mistakes. I planned to do it in danish, but because i filmed the blog post on my Ipad, I had trouble with editing it and do the subtitles on the computer due format issues... So I had to film again and here is the result:
Emtie's broken English once again. .... 

Short desciption from YouTube: "Just Emtie Blabbing about cloths again .... and her about holiday ... for damn 10 minutes... sorry for that !"

ENJOY! - Add Seven Shoeshis