Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year !

新年快乐 - Chuc mung nam moi!!

Yesterday we ate dinner at my grandparents place to celebrate new year. From what I know there was a new years party in Århus, but my parents didn't want to go and I preferred to stay home this time. Usually Têt(new year celebration) in Århus is one of the biggest events in my calendar, but for once I did not either plan to go or beg my parents for anything related to the party. I used the morning to finish some homework and went to my grandparents house. I was surprised, because there was a new face among my cute cousins. My cousin Hoai Dzu bought her cousin from California. Her american name is Donna, but we all like to call her Chi Na. She has been here for about six month, lives in Aalborg and has just finished her studies in psychology, so she will be leaving in a week. She's a really nice person and we talked a lot about what is special about Denmark(besides the weather) that they don't have in America. We made a short list of what we could come up with and it's quite obvious:

1. Rye bread 
2. Kims chips
3. Liver spread
4. Marie biscuits 
5. Brun sauce (brown sauce)
6. McDonals burgers that actually have more than one piece of lettuce.

Hopefully she will miss these kinds of foods (Hell no, they have in n n'out burger).

Dzu's mother asked us if we wanted to go to their bar and hang out for a while and I was there for a couple of hours before my parents came to pick me up. We played dart, ate chips and Dzu's mother made us some drinks. They were really good but a bit too sweet. I was so exhausted when I came home, but I wanted to finish my math assignment before i went to sleep. My bed tried to seduce me and it succeeded.

San francisco

Something with peach Juice




 We ate Lau and Roi Bo + Peeking soup

Oh Yeah ! Dzu braided my hair... she actually braided all of my hair but i didn't take any picture of it. I slept with the braids, and now my hair looks like a poodle. ... actually not a poodle.. I look like Lady Gaga in the opening scene for her Bad Romance MV.

 And yes i know my ears are big.

 Well I have to leave now. Time for dinner ^^, and Chi Na is going to leave in a few hours, so I want to spend more time with her. Hopefully it won't be the last time i meet her :D

Have a nice sunday ! 
And once again ! Happy new year !!
- spend it with your family because that is what matters the most ! :D

Rabbit food! and it's Dragon year.