Monday, January 2, 2012

Home is where your heart is - where ?

I came home from my trip(from December 23rd to January 1st) to Copenhagen where i spend christmas and new years eve with my dad's side of the family. My parents went home the 27th and I was allowed to stay back with my siblings. I have learned my lesson, and admit that i'm the worst sister ever. I need to spend more time with my siblings.... I went out to shop more than being together with them ... ehehhe :b
well... - I had a splendid time with my family in Copenhagen and I already miss them a lot ! I went home January 1st, and it was SOOOO dark when i finally came home to Odense.

 My mother picked me, juliet and dennis up at the central station, and took us to Baaby's place for dinner.  Everyone (my mother's side of the family) seemed to be angry at me. I know it is a sort of a joke, but then again i'm sad that i did not manage to  celebrate the best day of the year with them. My grandfather was the worst, because he made me feel really bad, but he had forgiven me after some conversation. I was so exhausted that i took a nap, but when when i woke up, I found out i was sleeping on his stomach. I really felt like I was "home" again ^^.... Until my mother told us to go to our real home -.-

I ate so much NYE that my stomach was about to explode!!! I'll post pictures of the day another time, because right now I have to get my math assignment done' ^^

btw. I have dyed parts of my hair... why only parts? - Because my cousin Dinh came over and I dyed his hair, but there were some leftovers so i used it for my roots. My head is no longer tri-colered .... it has... too many shades to be defined' :b

I hope everyone of you out there had a blast ! - because i did! ^^
A lot have happened in 2011 - and to be honest... the last few months are something that I really want to forget. ..... Then again.... 2011 was the worst year of my life so far. I do not have any really good memories but many lessons learned. I'm going to let 2011 be burned and buried.

Facebook status?:

HIT ME 2012!!!!
(not too hard please?- my front teeth are sensitive)