Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just like you, I get lonely too

I'm not like "fresh to death"
I'm having days with stress, it's a mess,
It makes me feel depressed, that I have lost access to your home address. 
I want to do my best, to solve life's simple quests, but it is like a game of chess - I'm not allowed to digress. 
I dress to impress, who? YOU i guess.
 I might be obsessed, but lust is hard to oppress.
 I ask for success and what do i get ? I end up with regress.
Absolutely no progress. 
Feelings are hard to express and words are always so complex, so bloody compressed,
the skill to suppress  is not a skill i possess  
but being able to live, with all my regrets, I am so much more than just only "blessed"
why do i only use words that ends with s?

Okay ... Where's the "delete"-button ?
- it's from 2010 ...