Friday, January 27, 2012

Reasons to be angry

It has been one of those days you can't decide if it has been a good or bad day.
Since my mother is injured, the morning started of really bad. I woke up 5 am to make breakfast and lunch for my siblings. They are up at 6.45 and I always leave home at 7.10, but before I leave I have to make sure that their clothes are ready and their stuff are packed. When I starred outside I could see a thin layer of snow. Somehow it was a kind of magical to see a white landscape outside and I had the feeling that this day was going to be a perfect day.
Unfortunately it did not turn out to be what i had hoped for.
I left the house early to catch up an early bus, but I missed it. The next bus(the one i usually go with) would come in 6 minutes anyway, so i stood out in the snowy weather. My classmate Silke came to the bus stop and we chatted for a while, but then we saw a bus coming towards us at 7.21. It was  the 79-bus, which is a special bus and doesn't go to central station(my stop), so we stood by and waited for the next one. If the first bus was late, there would be another 7.22 and 7.30
We stood freezing in the dark and after 15 minutes a bus showed up on the road. It wasn't the one that was supposed to come 7.15, but the 7.22. When it was about 100 m from the bus stop, I saw two other busses right behind... OMG . 3 busses were late in a row...
I came 5 minutes late for school and was afraid that my teacher already had started. When i came to the classroom, my friends were yelling angrily - and then I found out my english teacher's daughter was sick and therefore she decided to take a day of. and worse - We had a double english lesson... which means from 8-11.30... I could have stayed home and sleep, because the next class would start 12. -.-
but, but, but
- Worst of all - She decided to give us a new assignment for SUNDAY ! WHATTHE?!, We all went to the school office and they changed the date to wednesday... I just finished 2 assignments for this week and then i got a new one today -.-

Iben & Nanna

Many of the others went home, but i stayed back and I used the time to do my homework. My friend Jeanette had baked us a delicious honey cake and that cheered me up (and my stomach too)^^
(every week one in the class has to bring a cake)

That's why my face is SOO round !

After some time I started to feel annoyed and tired again and talked with my friend AK about relationships. She promised me about 5 months ago that she would not have a boyfriend/ be in a relationship with anyone before she turned 18. Well she broke that promise :b
I've met the guy once and he's really something. She likes him a lot and shivers every time she mentions his name - she's hit by cupid. Hahahah!
I'm happy for her - To see her in love is better than watching a sitcom. Jkjk.
I have to admit I envy her
Because right now there's only one person that can make my heart skip a beat and I can't and won't be with that person for many reasons. 
I just envy her freedom to pick,


For the lunch break I went downtown to get something to eat, but couldn't find anything tempting. I saw a bike with no lock on it and it looked exactly like my stolen bike. It could have been mine, but then a lady came and told me it was her bike. It crossed my mind that the original lock was removed, but she drove away with the bike before I could ask her anything more. I think it was my precious bike .... 

When school finally was over i went to my old school to pick up Juliet and Dennis. Mom had let me cook dinner for the first time without her constant interruption and critic, and i was quite satisfied with the results ! I cooked bun(vietnamese noodle soup) for the family ! :D

I took a break from my homework to play around with buy siblings and to write this post, but i also did something i have wanted to do for a while.

I tried out some new hairstyles...

Usually my hair looks like this. The length of my hair is awkward - it's too short to be long enough and yet too long to be short. Especially my bangs. 

For the last week I have braided my hair in many different styles, but this time i tried something else...

and it reminded my of a bird nest.
you know the saying that your hair looks like a bird nest right?

Mine really was a bird nest!



I'm just as angry as these fellers. 

Have a nice weekend ! 
//:Emtie's out.