Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Count down to V'day

I have just read my old posts from 2011 (this one and this one) about St. Valentine's Day last year. At that time I was really exited for no reason at all. I know that I am always all alone and single that day, that I have no one to celebrate the day with and no reason to celebrate it at all .... but yet, last year, I used more than a week to prepare ingredients for my chocolate coated red velvet cake bites with different kinds of hints of anything else that have nothing to do with chocolate.  I have always loved to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, White Day and Black Day too, but I am not really in the mood for the upcoming day.
I just want to sleep until the day is over! :b
- My usual tradition is that I bake something sweet for the day and spend it with people I love. I think that this year is going to be different. Last week I spend saturday evening with my friends and we ate so much dark chocolate that I felt like I was poisoned from chocolate for the rest of the week. I'll skip chocolate this year and think of something else, but what ?
I have tried to make macaroons without any luck, so that won't be my next quest, but i was thinking about something quick and different. I have made a list of what i could bake and when I have decided I'll post pictures about it ^^

btw. I have finally finished my scarf and it's about 1.5 m. Now I'm going to make one for my little brother Dennis' birthday. He turns 7 the 24th of this month and all he wished was a scarf . Perfect :D