Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been neglected the blog for quite some time now and I have no excuse for doing that.
Thursday night was the annual school play-party at my old school and as a tradition, I had let myself indulge an enormous amount of carbs disguised as de-vi-licious cakes. The play this year was called "The murder of the principal" and it was funny to watch since it had a lot of puns and the characters' traits were exaggerated. The play made fun of how strange and passionate some teachers can be and especially about  the subject they teach in. The best was that they were supposed to look and act like the staff on the school and one of them was dressed up as my former Danish teacher; multicolored shirt, pullover a pair of bright blue jeans and most importantly - a pair of HUGE round, neon-colored glasses.

Friday was a stressful day. All my lessons were cancelled, which meant that I had got winter holiday since thursday, but I still had to hand in my assignment for friday night and i had two of them! I planned to use the day for homework, but my mother had other plans. I had to go grocery-shopping, pick up my siblings at school, make the batter for doughnuts and buns, clean and decorate the house. My little brother, Dennis', turns seven the 24th, but we decided to hold a party for him today, because we were afraid that many of his classmates wouldn't be home, because of the holidays. The kids were cute and not shy at all and i had a lot of fun, fooling around with them, because of their energy and creative minds. After the cleaning, my body started to ache and mostly my legs. With three bruises, sticky hair, swollen lips and good feeling, I will go to bed early tonight. She has been calling my name for the last hour or so and she wants me ASAP! , hahah Goodnight!

btw. The glaze was disgusting and the cake was under standard !!!#