Thursday, February 2, 2012


I know that I often do stupid things like dyeing my hair even though i'm allergic to the ingredients, but I am somehow addicted. I can't actually imagine myself with black hair anymore, because i'm too used to have any other hair color than just lifeless black. 
I have become better at dyeing my own hair, but that doesn't still minimize the risk of skin issues. 
I always get a massive break out on my forehead, nose areas and even on my cheek and the area around my mouth.... That is probably my entire face....
My skin feels dry, irritated, red, pigment spots may appear and skin around my eyes turns darker and flakes.
sometimes i feel like i have mosquito bites all over my face...

Here's my advice for hair dye/contact/skin/fragrance allergy suffers:
If you're allergic, don't dye your hair, but if you are like me, addicted, only do highlights once in a while and never dye your entire head. When going to the salon, make sure that they know about your allergies and I won't recommend anybody to dye their hair by their own. Always ask someone for help to minimize the risk a much as possible. Be careful with the skin around the neck, and if the dye gets on your skin, rinse it of immediately with some soap/makeup cleanser and remember to use a good moisturizer after.   NEVER DYE YOUR EYEBROWS BY YOUR OWN !
- If you're hit ( like me), take some extra vitamins, drink more water than usual, eat some more vegetables for a period and your skin will be recover faster and prevent scaring. 
Most important of all!
don't use anti-spot sticks, too much toner/skintonic or anything else that is targeted for blemishes.
A good moisturizer is the key, because the skin can sometimes be provoked by cleansing too much, which can cause continuous breakouts. 

 An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.. but what can keep me away from dyeing my hair ?