Monday, March 19, 2012

I know you know

I have had a tough weekend and I'm too lazy uploading the pictures from my trip. I think the pictures will be up tomorrow, because right now i'm busy with math.

(*confession of an average asian high schooler) 

I took a break and just wanted to make an update for the blog, because it has been quite empty... well the content is just as empty as it always have been, but i haven't written anything for quite sometime... i think... hahahahah ...


I came home saturday evening.  I met up with at friend at Copenhagen central station, but we were both famished. The problem was that we couldn't decide where to eat. I took us quite some time and in the end, we decided to order some take-away from Wagamama@Tivoli, drink a cup of hot chocolate @Barasso and then we took the train together to Odense.


I spent the entire day, dedicating myself to DUK(an organization for young catholics in Denmark) "Children's day" at my local church. A group of young students and myself had planned this day a few months ago. We had invited all the young catholics in Odense between 5-13 to come and do some activities with us and we were about 100 that day. We split them into two groups and i, together with Dan, Minh Anh and Monica( the leaders), got the "10-13"-group. We played a lot of games, made quizzes and ate cakes. There was lasagna for dinner and because of Visam(MY FAV'CHEF) and Chin(His girlfriend) were the chefs, there was a separate dish of vegetarian lasagna!!! :D
After fooling around some more, they put on UP on the projector and I LOVED all the kids cute faces when they laugh of the "talking dog"-scene. Meanwhile there was leader evaluation and it turned out as a success. 

a car that was parked right outside the church.

a rose made by an apple - I love your skills vietnamese woman with the purple shirt!! 

Monica in the front and all the food. 

Berry, chewy, soft muffin with dark chocolate bites.


I skipped class for the entire day, because i had to go to the hospital for a check up. I have had issues with my stomach for a while and my doctor sent me to the hospital for an observation. I was scared because i have never been at the hospital regarding an issue with myself. I told my mother to stay home, but when i came to the waiting room I totally regretted it. A nurse came to pick me up and I was paralyzed when i realized all the people in the observation room were 60+. I was the youngest.... ehhhh.... and the nurse was surprised over my age.. and also my name. I met three nurses and one doctor and they all asked me about my CPR-number and my entire name... because they thought it was a mistake that the computer said my name was Thanh Thanh....
It was like: "Is it true that your name is Thanh Thanh? we just have to make sure, because it is odd that the computer has spell your middle name twice". LOL.
I had read the letter that was sent to me, but there was some part of it I couldn't get a finger on. The nurse calmed me down by summing up the whole process and luckily a friend came to my rescue and held my hand though out the examination. I was moved to the surgery-room and at first I was stun with some spray that made the inside of my throat numb. I was also drugged with something else, but all i remember was that i didn't want to see the needle be injected i my skin, so i closed my eyes. I was told to lie down on the side and then i totally passed out before they got to put the mouthpiece in my mouth (a rubber piece that keeps my mouth open - they put a wire with a camera through my throat and down to my stomach to see what's going on down there). 

I woke up a few hours later, dizzy and confused about where I was. My stomach was air blown literally but empty, because i hadn't had anything to eat for the past 12 hours. 
 My friend and i went out to MAMA's to eat pasta and pizza and both of us couldn't finish the meal, leaving about 1/4 of the dish. After we went by the new chocolatier i have blogged about earlier and we got ourselves a box of macaroons. I have really been looking forward to try these pastries, but i was lightly disappointed, because they are way too expensive for the amount you get and also the petite size. They aren't strong in flavor, the texture is divine, the colors vibrant and the taste-combinations were the heavenly, but they are still too expensive for me to enjoy for normal occasions. A box of 13 costed more than the dinner for us both.  UGH*

I think my mother must really has missed me, because i have been gone. she ordered me around all day! 
Mom: do the dishes, move the sofas, clean the floor, clean the carpets(my carpet is 3m x 2.5m), organize the sculptures, move dad's speakers to place, and his amplifiers too (there are two and the weight of just  one is about 70kg). I can really feel that i'm home again as busy as i have been..

Break's over ! My MAN is calling for me !!! Ohh Maathhh daaaaaarrrliiiinng I'm going to find your x !!! XD

Note to you my friend - you know exactly who you are.

I know, you know people talk, but unlike me others AND you tend to get angry. I like to think to myself that i've got myself a fan club. Maybe you should try that too. Just let them talk and keep in mind that you have affected their lives, but they didn't affect yours. 

I'm just sad that you happened to be one of my fans.

Call me a slut. Call me a whore.
Call me whatever. I’ve heard it before.
 Say that I'm fake. Say that I lie. 
Say what you want.  You won’t see me cry,
 because I know none of it's true, but calling me all this shit, 
ha, what the hell does that make you?