Monday, March 5, 2012

Leave me

By the end of this week I will be leaving for a field trip with my class for a whole week. Guess where i will be heading to ! :D

Drums please !


Spell it with me !

I - C - E - L - A - N - D


FREAKING ICE-COLD-LAND "!%#Ω&"€“∞““¡£¡Ω%#∞

Luckily, there's internet at the motel i'm going to stay at and hot springs nearby^^. I'm actually looking forward for the trip, but I'm worried about my siblings .... Nonsense.. They don't need me at all.
      I really need a week away from home !!

 Blazer n' shirt from H&M
Leggins from American Apparel

btw. I just love this song .... you'll never understand why

I have no other updates actually ... I guess my life isn't as exciting as i hoped it would be.. Just kidding !
It's because i'm having a fight with my parents and i'm not winning, ^^