Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#4 - Cat stretching

week 4:

I went to my cousins confirmation last sunday and got to eat quite a lot - especially cupcakes, chocolate and other sweets and therefore I can feel that I have made almost no progress this week (I have maybe even gained in weight?!! T___T). BUT I HAVE TO STAY FOCUSED !!!! OTHERWISE I WILL LOOK LIKE SWAGRID !!! :(   -  (that's the right motivation for me! :b)
It's really difficult for me to stay away from sweets. every time i say that i pass a cake, i always end up eating double portion... even if i only eat one portion ... i still consume another one immediately!!!! T___T

Here was my outfit:

Okay enough of that .... Here is this week's results. 

Progress so far:
Nike+ app: 27.49 km = I have within this week run 7.7 km (I have become faster since my average pace was about 7.30 min/km on a 3.8 km run, but now it is about 6.4-7 min/km!! :D)
NTC: 210 min = 90 min of training/workouts this week with the NTC-App.

I actually bike every day for school and since it is not "focused" training i have not counted it in as a part of my training. Try to think about it if i counted it in...
- I have biked for school every day since the winter holidays had ended and that is 18.2 km = 1 hour every day for five days. For a week that would be 91 km = 5 hours... wow, it sounds sick when i think about like this, but i haven't even noticed it before now'.. MAN I'M FEELING HEALTHY(and just two minutes ago i was whining about my cake problem) ! XD

I think that i (from next week) will start to measure myself to keep tracking my progress, because so far i have just avoided to look at myself in the mirror, the weight scale and also the measuring band ... hihi ^^
I know it can be depressing if you want "day-to-day" results and therefore it is better that you only weight and measure yourself max. once a week or even better ! - once every second week!

Just this morning I woke up really early and went out for a run before i went t school and it felt great. The sun was shining, but the temperature was about 4-5 Celsius so it was pretty chill. My feet still aches, but not as much as before and that might be because i have only run twice this week and not every second day like the week before. Besides, I have also stretched out much more than before.

Everybody knows that it is really important to stretch out your body either before or after a workout as a part of the training, because it warms up/cools down your body, prevents injuries, release tension, make you relax and prepares you for any activity afterwards.

Remember to stretch your body, when you have the opportunity. It can be in the pause, after classes, before you go to bed etc. Don't be ashamed or anything if you're in public, because it's not humiliating in any way and guys actually finds it sexy (only if your skip the "yawn-part" and don't do it as how asian parents would do it.... you know what i mean).
-  I always do it in the morning in my bed, because i love to curl my body and play around under my sheets, before i start my day. It makes me feel skinnier and more flexible, which I think is sexy, and therefore it gives me a boost of confidence ...... just till i get to see the monster, which is waiting for me, each morning in the bathroom mirror... my confi-meter goes zero ... XD

So ?  - Remember to stretch out everyone ! 
it is a curse to forget that !!

Night peps!