Monday, April 23, 2012

Who knows you best?

Yesterday I spend the evening at Anne's house. I haven't seen for months and I was so happy that she invited me over. Anne and I went to primary school together, but since we started to go to different high schools, we don't get to meet each other so often. She invited me over to try out her cupcakes and talk about old days and our recent field trips. She went to Scotland for a week and she told me it was beautiful. Just remembered she didn't show me any pictures. I'll have to visit her soon again! :b
The main topic of the night was definitely "boys". She's just like me in any possible way, besides she's truly innocent and i'm not. Since we started to "notice" boys back in school, we have always talked about how amazing it would be to have a boyfriend, but we have both changed our minds about that.
She's looking for a guy, but can't seem to find the right one, so we talked about, what kind of values does her dream guy has to have and came up with a list. Then we found out that the only guys that have shown some interest in us, are totally the opposite of what we want. "Why do i always end up with the weird ones that thinks their overarms are so interesting?" - Yeah you tell me Anne ^^
We laughed really hard about it and now my throat is pretty dry and hurts too. Conclusion: I'm sick . But I had a great night with the girl that knows me the best and it's all worth it.
We can always tell each other everything, without being judged or hold for grudges. For once I wasn't evil in someones eyes for my opinion about (certain) guys, but just honest and picky.