Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who buried emtie ?

Wow ! i haven't posted anything for two weeks now and so what ? I have actually missed the blog and i feel like a zombie these days. I have been busy with assignments, family and friends. The days have been long and exhausting, but i'll survive. there's only 2 week left until i'm on prep-holiday and i feel that a year has passed by too fast. I'm a senior after this summer and can't even think of anything else, than of how scared i am.

I went to Baresso the other day with my friend, because they had an offer for their new MANGO x LIME SMOOTHIE 2for1. IT WAS SUPER DELICIOUS !!"#€%!!!!!

Yesterday i went to Middelfart and spend the entire day with my parents. The weather was great and there was a half marathon there so there were pretty many people. I came home at 9 and headed out for my friend Nhi's 18 birthday party at 9.30. had to bike like 6 km to get there and i left around 2. lightly drunk, but not sober enough to ride a bike. i was so lucky that there was almost no car and light poles everywhere, otherwise i wouldn't make it home alive, hhaha. don't drink and drive XD

Can't believe i have taken 4.444 pictures with this phone already .. have to delete everyone of them soon, because i have to make space for coming memories. 

My siblings went to copenhagen and have been gone since thursday and they will be back home tomorrow... MAN!, I HAVE MISSED THEM !!! If it wasn't because of work and that i have been busy i would have been sitting in a corner and weep pathetically.  I have been playing with their hamsters, both Toby and Beautyfall (don't ask me about the name) and julie asked me to take a picture of me with one of them so here it is ;)

and for the future..