Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Multi-Bllionare Orphan

Just watched Batman - The Dark Knight Rises the other day and i loved it ! It scored 8.5 out of 10 on my scale and it did not get ten because of (the enemy) Bane's voice. Another thing that made me confused several times was the cast in the movie  - about 4 main characters from Inception (another movie from Christopher Nolan) are starring in The Dark Knight Rises and i was like: " is this from another movie or ??"

But oh well. Besides that (and maybe the first 30 minutes) the movie was great !!! .
My favorite would definitely still be the second movie, but overall i'm not disappointed at all ;)
I've watched all three of them (batman begins, the dark knight and the dark knight rises - in which the last title would be the lamest one i've ever heard) and i would recommend all of you to do it too ^^

The day after i did some quick shopping in one of my favorite stores Accessorize  !!!
It's like a candy shop and especially when they have summer sale because it means there's 70% off!!!. Usually it's like a treasure hunt for me, but when it comes to Accessorize it's more about the money. There's simply nothing that i don't want from there !!!

I bought quite a lot of stuff and will definitely come back several times !! MUHAHAH !!!

Today I went to the first part of a first aid course in connection with my drivers license.  The course is divided in to two days because it might be pretty tiring to do 7 hours straight, but todays was fine. We had to do some "life saving first aid" through some exercises with a plastic doll and it was pretty fun ^^
I'll have a long, long day tomorrow and i might as well head to bed ^^
I won't update the blog so often as i usually do, but i'll do my best ;)
see ya ;)