Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm home again(I actually came home thursday evening) and i hate it already.... Both of my parents have already yelled at me several times and my vacation is really over for good. T___T

From tomorrow i'll start taking my drivers license and i don't feel motivated at all... and that's because of my parents.... If i can drive... they would use me to do anything that they wouldn't do themselves... like grocery shopping far away, drive my sibling around or to examinations etc.
I like to use my bike to get around town because i get some fresh air, exercise and it lightens my head a lot after a stressful and long day. I would really miss it if i would have to drive, but maybe it would make me lazier.... probably -.-

Today I was out with some friends at their new apartment... and that was pretty much it ^^ - "cool story bro, tell it again .."

I actaully had something fun to say about my mother but it seems like i have forgotten it ... oh well .. goodnight !