Sunday, August 12, 2012


Since i came home from Copenhagen I have fought (orally) with my parents. It has been like a battlefield every single time we PREPARE for dinner - oh, and why not at the dinner table like every other american movie ?
1. My dad sits with his laptop at the table and want to eat in silence.
2.  My mother rarely eats dinner (in general she rarely eats anything at all), but sits at the table and trying to feed Dennis (who is 7 years old???))) 
3. Julie talks for herself, because nobody listens.
4. Dennis watch youtube videos on the iPad or play games because he don't need his hands when he eats.  
5. I tend to skip dinner = i avoid contact = No fight for dinner !

Instead of get down every single detail, i just want to write down some few "highlights" from today:

Mother's first:

My mother tried to throw my angry birds panties in the garbage because she thought it was mens underwear...

She's angry that i still have some pullovers which are from the mens section in H&M.

She says that i'm fat and if i lost weight i could wear anything i wanted because if i was thin, everything would look good on me. (YEAH, EVEN BACON WOULD LOOK GOOD ON ME)

She actually got "yelled at" today - my uncle told her that she is to harsh on Julie. Julie has lost much weight in a really short amount of time. There're quite many who have already said:"Julie has lost a lot of weight". My mother always took it as a compliment, because she thinks she is a good mother and knows what is right for her children - and come on! Every mother is like that so she can't be blamed for having that thought. Today one person made it clear for her that she wasn't, so her pride level is down on 50%. I just blame her for putting so much pressure on an 11-year old and making her count calories.  

Father's next:

I work for him as often as i can and  haven't been paid for a long time now = "you are not helping me with anything". 

He says he knows how to use the printer but tells me to print papers for him because "i'm no use" or "what does he has a daughter for?". '

"You use to much money" = YEAH ?1 ON YOUR OTHER DAUGHTER AND SON ?!!!

"why do you complain when you have to buy groceries?" - because my bike can't carry 20 kg of meat or carrot and you have a car!#"

gezz... got to clear my head ...

i get herpes by looking at this ... night...