Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Markdowns and yellow tags.


I've used the last few days of my holiday to relax and read. I've finished The Great Gatsby and it's a really short novel. It's about 200 pages and can easily be finished in a day. I was just plain lazy so from December 21st to 27th i read like 3 chapters(there are only 9!) and from 28th to January 5th i was about half done and read the last 100 pages on 6th.
School just started 7th and i have about 4 assignment spread over 2 weeks so there is no pressure at the moment ;]

I've been asked by my classmate to make a guide for the places i like to shop, because she thinks i "know" where to go in the jungle of yellow tags. Since Copenhagen is my favorite city and place (to spend money at here in Denmark), I'll make a guide about the capital of the rye bread and "king of Denmark"-sweets and some online-stores.

Lets take the physical stores first!

show Tag-hunt on a bigger map


"Magasin" is a department store and it is a great place to hunt if you are looking for something simple. The content of Magasin's rack section is mostly stuff that are 1 to 2 years old and since fashion changes by season, you should just hunt for the most simple and timeless pieces. Nobody can ever go wrong with a black dress, a fitted bra, handbags or a pair of skinny jeans, but make sure it's one of your first stop I after christmas, because they are short in stock with the small sizes. THEY HAVE A MONGO SECTION!!!(the only place in Copenhagen you can buy clothes from MANGO!).They have about 30% off on most gift sets and a box full of "old" makeup. It's mostly older colors that they removed from the standard range. Remember to check the food section ! They usually  give out chocolate covered almonds or licorice samples. 


Illum is just like Magasin, but with other brands and therefore also a wide range of stuff. Here you should look for bags and makeup. They have a built in  Sephora and food stores in the lower story.
I must say it's more difficult to navigate in Illum, but yet i still love the place. You have to keep your head (and body) cold because in january the place is packed and you feel like a cage hen. I like to glue my eyes to the built in shop The Collage, because they have a wide range of designer(dream)bags!! It's where i got my Reed Krakoff Uniform bag in back ;)


If you ever come to Copenhagen you must not miss the biggest mall in Scandinavia. It's located a bit out of the city but it's really close to the airport (10 min with train from CPHA and there are many hotels there). There's about 140 shops and some of them are pop-up boutiques that only exist in a limited time. I love to find stuff in there because it's really cheap! The third floor is a restaurant area and there are shops for every persons taste and the basement is for parking lots. Shops in there that i like the most is H&M, MonSoon, Esthetique, Monki, Gina Tricot, Magasin(yes there's a Magasin!!), Sportsmaster and the very best ZARA!!


Fisketorvet is another mall but it's located  in downtown Copenhagen. It's really close to the central station and Tivoli and it's convenient to get there by public transport. It has almost the same shops as Fields ( but no ZARA, Monki -.-) and there is a cinema too! Parking is free the first 3 hours and if you're like me, you'll stay there for 4 =]

IC Company Factory Store

One of my favorite places that my wallet also like is Company's Factory Store. Unlike the other places i have mentioned this is an outlet and therefore it is located near the harbor, which means outside of centrum where the other places are. They have brands like Jackpot, Cottonfield, InWear, Matinique, Part Two, Cottonfield Woman, Soaked In Luxury, Designers Remix Collection and theres always at least 30% off. In different seasons they have markdowns on 75% and sometimes the unit as low as 97% off the original price. I bout a pair of Tiger of Sweeden jeans once and they cost 1000 kr. but i got then for 30 kr :D. My new red winter jacket from Peak Performance is also from there and it got it with 75% off. Now you would think that they sell old clothes, only big sizes and broken pieces but they don't ! Most of it is the same that they sell in the stores! If you find like a shirt that misses a button you'll get 10% off that price which is the same as in the other stores. There's not a wide range of sizes because  it's mostly for tall and thin people. They do sell clothes from the older collections, but most of it is timeless pieces so therefore it's easily to find something ;)

In the "Tag Hunt"-Map I have plotted other outlets that i haven't written about yet. Feel free to check it out ;)

Next it is the online stores!!!
I do not always feel comfortable when it comes to netshops and that's not because details like shipping, billing etc., but the sizes. The best about the online stores is that they offer a wide range of choices; designs, colors, and brands too. The difficulty is to find the right size for you body and usually there's help to find.

ASOS has their own brand, but they also sell clothes from other high-street brands and other brands you usually can't find (can't find if you live in no-where-denmark -.-). It's difficult to browse through ASOS without finding something that you must have! When you find something you want you can just click on it and they will ask you about color and size. Right next to the box there is a size chart that helps you to calculate your size into EU or UK.
The best about ASOS is that there is no delivery cost(there may be taxes for countries outside Europe).

I haven't tried to buy anything from Nelly yet, but my many of my friends like it and say they have stuff that you can't find anywhere else. Like ASOS they mostly sell their own brand but do offer other brands, but they do only ship to some few european countries.

I love Bubbleroom and they only ship to Scandinavia !! Though the dresses are pricey they are really cute!! i could stare at them all day XD

- I haven't bought anything there.... yet..... I must admit i puked rainbows when i saw all those 
AHH-dorable  shoes on one site! It's one of my favorite shops and that's because they just have all the good that the others doesn't :O

- If i lived in the states i would order all of my beauty supplies from Nordström. They often have campaigns like buy for 20$ and get a bag full of makeup worth 100$ for free XD
Then i would go to the closest Nordström rack to shop designer brands XD.

** All the photos are borrowed