Sunday, February 17, 2013


A few days ago i went to a hairdresser my auntie recommended. I wanted to dye my hair the same color as my ends but add a bit more red in it and I wanted to ad some curls too. Maybe my vietnamese is bad or the hairdresser just liked to misunderstand me, because she didn't get anything right. I asked for medium curls and "chestnut-brown" hair (maroon colored with a hint of red) as i pointed out in a book for her. After sitting half asleep in the chair for about 3 hours i now have shoulder-length, light brown hair with small curls... WTF?! I TOLD HER NOT TO CUT MY HAIR BUT SHE DID IT ANYWAY ?!?€%!?#%!%?". She didn't even dye my hair but bleached it instead so now i have dry/broken ends... I have to find another salon where i can get an intensive treatment for my damaged hair, because this looks ... simply bad... not awful but it doesn't look good. At first i just accepted it, because there was nothing to do about it, but when i woke up the day after I looked like Tsukasa Domyoji (a character from Hana Yori Dango/ Boys Over Flowers). I miss my old hairstyle... my long, thick, multicolored hair with no layers. ARGH! I DO EVEN HAVE BANGS NOW?!!! FREAKING CURLY BANGS !"#%