Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Copenhagen Carnival


Because of the holidays i had a longer weekend than usual, starting friday and ended monday, which was great ... but i did not have any free time anyway because of my siblings.
My parents were busy working all that weekend so i was sent to Copenhagen in their place to attend a family party sunday. It was quite sunny and the air condition was broken in that train carriage we were seated in and it was almost unbearable.
Saturday started out with a stroll downtown Strøget to watch the carnival. Once again it was really sunny but this time i only wore a light dress, so i did not get all sweaty :b
I loved the dancers and the fact that everyone can participate; babies as well as elders, women as well as men - there were also disabled dancers as well and there were a few women that were pregnant.
I took quite many pictures... and the best about me is that i RARELY delete any of them - even if they're really bad... but this time i have to have them sorted. I don't have that much space in either my phone or computer to keep bad pictures.

Afterwards we ate snacks at McDonalds and tried out their new smoothies with mango, pineapple and  yogurt. It was quite good and a cheaper alternative to Barasso's Mango-Lime Smootea (which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore). We started to notice that some of the restaurant's guests were dressed really colorful... and rather "lightly", until we found out they were the dancers from earlier. XD

That's where i will be in two months !

While many others played cd's this guy  down below sang live. I wished i had filmed it, because it was such a catchy song :(

Later that day we watched Eurovision 2013 and well, Denmark won !! after collecting the votes from 34 countries out of 39 it was already declared that Denmark won, because there was such a huge gap between the first and second place, Aberzejan, that even though they scored max (that's 12 points) and Denmark got 0 in the next 5 rounds they wouldn't be able to pass DK.
So congratulations Emelie De Forrest !! two years in a row a girl with bare feet on the scene have won :b

And there's already a parody of it on youtube  by some swedish guys XD

Another thing that i liked about this year's Eurovision was the design of the logo.

Sunday my uncle Cau Vu held a party for his daughters' communion (Lucia and Helena) and it was a 12 course dinner... yes i've gained weight ... but i had a fun time running around to be a babysitter for Michael and Dennis so my other uncle, Bac 4, could enjoy the party.
Michael got tired after the 4th course so i borrowed the car keys to take him for a ride, so he could sleep. Just before i was about to leave my aunt came running out to get me back inside. My uncle, Cau Vu would turn 40 the 20th so we had to sing for him, while we all were there together. Almost everyone from my mothers family stood together and my aunt gave me the microphone because i had to start the song. After the 2nd verse i suddenly forgot the rest of the song and let the others sing for me until i remembered it again and by that time, we were at the 4th verse.
Lucia and Helena did their own performances. They played violin beautifully and they looked stunning in their small white dresses.

Quynh and Dennis

Even my little cousin Bon thinks Dzu looks like a retard when she snapchats... 

Monday, before i went back to Odense i took Mr. Mono, my niece Catly and my siblings out for dinner at Herreford Steakhouse. We all got ourselves a burger, but mine was with blue cheese and it was actually quite good. It was actually REALLY GOOD because we bought a deal and therefore it wasn't expensive at all. After we went home and i was so sleepy when i came home that i couldn't think about anything else than relaxing on my bed and so i did.

another snapchat freak..

Today, was the last day with "real" school and tomorrow we will get to know the last exams and finally we have "read-holiday". I have 6 exams in total until june 28th, so i'll have to prepare for each and one of them, but "read-holiday" just means that i don't have any classes.

One last thing i want to share with you guys ... is more Eurovision clips. I'm a little nostalgic so i dug up some old clips from my favorite Eurovision year - 2006 !!!!

I found the preview clip they show after all the performances are done. Bosnia&Herzegovina, Norway, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Switzerland, Moldova, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Sweden, Ireland and of course that year's winner LORDI from Finland with "Hard Rock Hallelujah".
and i just mentioned 12 countries out of the 24 participating ... Well they were quite good that year^^

Ohh ! the last one !! Norway's winner song from 2009. The song itself is good but the violin gives it a country feeling....

- did you know he was this song was the first to get over 300 points and it atually has the highest overall score so far Eurovision history . he got 387 point! :D