Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missed me much ?

UPDATED - finally with pictures!

It been a whole week since my birthday and just today i finally got my gifts. From Mr Mono i got my favorite Nintendo DS game ... you may all laugh at me, but i can't resist Harvest Moon games... especially not the "Grand Bazaar"-version, which i was gifted. And how old am I again? Yes, freaking nineteen... Which reminds me of a party in Dennis' class today. My parents usually don't go because they work, so i attend in their place... but it's weird when you're supposed to act like an adult, but can't mingle nor understand what all the housewives talk about and end up sitting at the end of the kids' table. The party was fun though because I ended up playing a mix of hide and seek and tag, so i really got to burn off some calories today. In the end of the day I got some candy that actually only was for children, so i was considered as a child from the other parents ... which actually felt great somehow ^^

Okay back to the other gift.
 From my parents i got a camera, a D3100 from Nikon - which i actually begged them to buy for me. In the end i got the money and went out to buy it myself. They were sold in a Netto close to me, and first from thursday, may 30th. I went down to Netto, by car this morning around 7:30, because they would open 8 o'clock, but when i came there was already another man in front of the store. Afterwards there came more and by 7.50, we were about 15 persons in that parking lot. When they finally opened we were told to get in a line and head down to the depot, where the sales manager took a box and gave it to the guy that came first to Netto... and that was the only camera they got .... ONLY ONE !!! I overheard a conversation on my way out of the store. A man was talking to another man that they would go to either Føtex or Bilka, because they also had the camera on markdown.
I rushed to the next Netto on the way out their with no luck. When i came to Bilka, there was a line of people, but fortunately I got one too! So now i have my very own camera :D

I'm tired and now i need to sleep... Night Peepz' - Maybe i'll update the post in the morning when i have cleared my head after a good night sleep.

Update* -

I got a call from Magasin today and they told me that my order had arrived. Last week i bought myself a skincare set from Kiehl's. It was on sale and because there were not a single set left, i had to preorder one and today i just picked it up  - so i got three gifts this year if you include that one as a birthday present ^^ the face cream itself cost like 180 dkr and the whole set costed 199 dkr :O
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Today I went to my friends Mathias' exam. I asked him, because last year I was so nervous at the test and this time I wanted to be prepared for the worst. I was like a fly, spying on my friend when he was under pressure, but in the end it went well and he's happy ^^

Btw.! I got another lens for my camera already !!! ....... Well, it's actually really old, because it's from the time my grandfather lived in my house, so it's at least 9 years old...
The lens i got with my camera is an AF-S DX Zoon-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II (as if i know what that means) and the old lens is an AF Nikkor 35-80mm 1:4-5.6D. I don't really know what's the numbers mean but eventually i'll find out.

Old lens

New lens that comes with the camera ( it's taken with the old lens, and it so old it has no auto focus)

Have a good weekend guys ! I'll be heading over to my grandparents for dinner ^^