Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've been buried in books and chores for weeks now and I don't feel that i get anything out of my books and notes, because just when i finally get a grip on a text I get interrupted by somebody and afterwards i can't find where i lost track. I am an easily distracted person by nature, but as anyone else when it's about reading and preparing for an exam, i find cleaning way more interesting.  I have cleaned my closet once more and packed all my winter clothing away for this season. It took quite some time because i have too much, but not enough space. I've packed all my jeans and pants, except for my three favorites, away in a huge suitcase, otherwise I would not have enough space at all in my closet.
I've also cleaned my bookshelf for school books and now my shelf seems rather naked.

Sunday, after church, i went out with my aunt and my cousins for wholesale at the harbour. I also found some lovely dresses from Karen by Simonsen but unfortunately they were all in size 42 -.- and though there were so much stuff, i only picked up three items. It was a STEAL because it was so cheap!!!

A Gestuz simple, loose printed t-shirt  and a lace skirt from their AW13 collection

And a cute Panuu necklace - and yes it is popcorn ! :D