Friday, July 5, 2013


Even though school has ended and vacation just started I've been gone for quite long and have I enjoyed my vacation? Not really.
What I used to do after school for a whole week has suddenly become what I do for a single day. My mother has been quite busy and now that I have vacation, she let me takeover some of her duties like grocery shopping, taking Dennis to his checkups, make breakfast, do laundry etc. It’s already something I do, but not so often. Maybe she’s planning on making me a housewife?
It’s actually some kind of good for me .. like training before I’ll have to move out, but I’m quite unsatisfied with her for one reason: She doesn’t teach me how to cook. Sure like every other Asian teenager I know how to fry an egg, pour hot water on ramen, cook rice with a “rice cooker” and roll a sushi but in general I don’t know how to cook a “real” dish. All I can do is desserts and appetizers - not something I (happily) can fill my stomach with. Oh well.. At least my driving skills has improved,  but that’s also because I drive around doing errands for my parents every day since I got vacation.

Other things that have taken my time are filling out applications for both universities and student accommodations and to make sure nothing is missing. It’s quite stressful to know that within a few months you’ll be living by yourself with a 1L rice cooker and a limited allowance because there will be regular payments to both rental, electricity, Internet etc. I’m worried sick but I try to relax and enjoy the company with my family while I’m still in Odense. I’ve applied for both Copenhagen and Aarhus and I’m too exited to know if I will get in.
In the mess that is going on in my head I totally forgot to book a time with my doctor to get my vaccinations. I got my yellow fever vaccination today,  just in the right time before my departure, which brings me to the title of this entry. I’m going somewhere for this summer but I won’t tell it before I’m on the plane. I can give a hint!  My family won’t be with me but I’ll be surrounded all the time by people I recognize as famiy. I need a yellow fever, a Hepatitis A and a Diphteria/tetanus vaccination and I have to bring an international certification of vaccinations on the trip otherwise I won’t be allowed to pass the border. Last hint: I’ll land in England for transferal. So where am I going?

while you're thinking about it you can listen to queen b. 

Note: The reason why i haven't uploaded any kind of photos from either Prom or graduation is not because i don't want to. It's because my parents did not take a single picture but had my uncles and aunts to do it... an none of them knows how to either send or upload the pictures so it will be awhile before i get them, because they all live quite far away... -.- 

but i have this one :)