Thursday, October 3, 2013

did i forget it ?

Last week i went out, with my cousins, for a fashion outlet and (unfortunately) i did not come empty handed home, but everything i bought was under 50% normal price so it was like a bargain in the end^^.
I bought 2 new pairs of jeans, a pair of winter boots, and some shirts. My best buy is definitely the jeans, the boots and a bordeaux-colored t-shirt, which my cousin Vi gifted me. The material is so light and soft without being sheer at all and it matches everything ^^  Unfortunately i can't take pictures of it ATM, because my mom haven't collected my camera from the service desk at Elgiganten(an electronics warehouse) yet -.-
My cousins had their hands full with huge bags as well and i especially envy Chi Vi's Daniel Wellington watch. That was quite a catch and unfortunately my current budget doesn't cover the cost of a watch otherwise i would have treated myself a nice one..  And now that we're talking about budgets... My cousin Chau asked me and my sister if i would want to go to London for a Super Junior concert with her and her boyfriend. I was in the 7th heaven for a brief moment, because i had and still have a huge crush on Super Junior. ELF since 2007 XD
I was so overjoyed and started to look for flight tickets, hotels etc. I even got my dad's permission and he assured me that he would pay half the cost of my stay!! but Chau called me later and told me she had exams a few days after the concert she needed to prep for, so it would not be possible for her to go :(
Right now i can't decide if i still should go to London or not. My niece Catly will be joining If I go, but I'm not sure at all..... 
I'm going to have a lot of expenses ... And by saing going to, means not now, but soon ... 
I need toget a bed, a closet and a desk .. Toiletries and plates and omg .. So much stuff to think about ... 

Oh did I not tell ya ? I'm moving ... (Again) ... But this time I'll be on my own.. Living in the big and scary Copenhagen .