Monday, May 26, 2014

DAEBAK!! ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛

My birthday celebration was no big celebration but i had a awesome day and a even better weekend. I woke up late, went out with J to get some lunch at Hereford. My sister called me, while i was waiting for the food and sang "happy birthday" in both Chinese, English and even Korean.. which is weird because we are considered to be Danish/vietnamese... Oh well, i got myself a blue cheeseburger for lunch - Quite a mouthful but i hadn't had anything to eat so i was sill craving for a dessert. I had a tight time schedule for the day but had to stay around town, so we took a walk around and got ourselves a Magnum ice-cream. The ice-cream itself is celebrating 25 years and they opened a pop up shop at Company's where you can customise your own Magnum. You could chose either between milk or white chocolate cover, 3 toppings and chocolate sauce as well. Quite a sugar bomb pour moi but it was so bad that it was good ^^.

Around 18 I had to be at the central to pick up my siblings and go to Tårnby station to pick up Catly, my cousin TQ and my Australian cousin Toan. We were all going to Sweden, because my other cousin Chau invited us to take a "cousin-trip" to Liseberg - an amusement park in Göteborg, Sweden.
We came to Malmø, and stayed overnight before heading north for Göteborg in the morning. We went by bus, a 4 hour ride, so we could get some sleep on the way up there. When we arrived, we met up with our other cousins from Kalmar and some friends as well. In total we were a group of 12 asian tourist wandering around - a perfect number for amusement parks in my opinion. Dennis unfortunately wasn't allowed to try quite many rides because he was missing two centimetres from being 130 and it sucked because he would have to wait in the line with the rest of us and then have to stand beside the exit to wait for us. At least in the end of the day, he had a blast. Just like I did.

The park is quite big, considering that it's located quite central in Göteborg and it has quite many good rides for the "bigger kids". I tried everything that my height was allowed to and i had so much fun. I can definitely recommend the place to everyone, but only if you like heights and a sucker for roller coasters. The rides are longer compared to many of those i've tried and they are super fun, but be assured that the line can be loooooooooooooong, but then you just need something to make it feel shorter. We played a customised "Korean" rock, paper, scissor  with penalty for the losers and time went by quite fast....also making us an attraction as well because we were like a group of minions - yellow with black hair ... and super loud... speaking in a weird language.

While i'm at it, Tim (Chau's boyfriend) won like 10 small and one big minion for her, not ever losing every time he played the game. He also won a 3kg box of chocolate using 15 kr. at the spinning wheel... and that's like picking 3 numbers out from 100.. Comparing that with my cousins that used around 200 kr in order to win a prize, betting on almost every number..... so they were out of doubt secured a winning number... XD

I tricked Dennis and my cousin Toan to try a roller coaster with me, telling them it was a small train going around.... Little did they know it was a huge roller coaster, so when they found out, they both yelled at me and man,.. i was dying from laughter, because neither one of them are too fond of roller coasters. In the end they really enjoyed it had a good scream.

We stayed at the park from 13 to 23,  we tried everything, our feet were dead, we were forgotten in the ferris wheel,  Dennis fell asleep at the restaurant we ate dinner at and I had a really good time.

Best birthday ever. 

And of course you need to see Dennis sleep :D