Friday, April 22, 2016

The free mind of 3.40

I've never been that kind of person that has put much effort in to being healthy.. I've done tons of diets and exercise but it has never been because i wanted to have a good health and also the outcome has always been worse than to begin with. I've always wanted to be fit in order to look good and not in order to improve other physical aspects of myself like getting stronger or improve my stamina.
No.. It has always been with the agenda to lose weight ..... AND to look good naked.
Throughout the years i've dealt with body and low self esteem issues and i always thought that loosing weight would be the answer but that's not the case. I've been so unsuccessful with that mindset so or once i wanted to look at it differently. So why not focus on my health instead? I could use some toned arms and a stronger back (read: SPINE - still building one)  and i could definitely get to use some better sleeps at night. I thought that if all that falls in to place, I will eventually lose weight anyways and so far it has worked :D

Believe it or not but i've joined a gym ... and yes back in 2014 I was in one as well and that relationship lasted 2 months. After going twice a week to the gym since January,  I've still not become fairly found of sweating excessively together with other people.... But it IS actually quite stress relieving to sweat. I hate to be surrounded by many people as i find it distracting and now that summer is coming up, the gyms are flooded. I've managed to find a time window where i almost have the whole gym to myself and oh my, the freedom you have to do all the weirdo butt moves you've found online!  I train twice a week for 2-3 hours..... and yes, apparently i can manage to find something to do to actually stay there for 3 hours.... which is lying on the floor, barely breathing and waiting for my limbs to respond...... But it has become fun!
I mean it ! It's actually fun and i'm not obsessed with it to the point i start to hurt my body and i'm so happy for once. Not being ironic here !

Just wait. In a month or two i'll return to being lazy again XD

btw. i've realised that i'm one of the people that cannot show cleavage without it being vulgar.  I love  v neck cuts because it makes me look slimmer but often the cut reveal too much of my chest and therefore it ends up being too much. Even worse is when i'm wearing turtleneck because it makes my torso look so big as well as making my chest look droopy. Also i hate it when i always have to pull up the shirt to make sure to cover and end up looking flat chested on photos.... Like it is only either way...

Okay now to something else....

I've watched quite a lot of movies lately and there's one movie that has both amazed me and also disgusted me. It's a korean movie called Oldboy with Choi Min Sik. I've already seen a horror with him called I Saw The Devil and the american movie Lucy  and I kind of like that he plays a crazy guy. Oldboy is a very sick movie to describe it with my own words but the idea behind it is quite good.  I've also seen The Spy From U.N.C.L.E and to be frank... it was a okay movie. Plot was too messy... Bridge of Spies was okay but couldn't keep me entertained since it wasn't touching nor dramatic enough.
Silver Linings Playbook was weird... I didn't really get it ...
Ip Man 1 + 2 +3 = YASSSS !!!!! (3 was okay while the others were good!)
My big fat greek wedding was actually good. I will use that movie to demonstrate for my future husband just how loud and narrow sighted my family can be.

Is there anything that can be recommended ?

I'm watching 2 korean dramas atm. One being the famous You Who Came from the Star and the newly ended Descendants of the Sun. I started watching YWCFTS back in 2014 right after 4th episode premiered but had no time to continue after the 2nd. I've almost finished it and must say it's really good and are among my favourites. It reminds me a lot of Rooftop Prince but i hope it has a better ending !
With DOTS i've only gotten to episode 3 but havn't managed to continue since doesn't licence the series in Denmark. I watched the first 2 episodes while being on vacation in Austria and it happened to be available for streaming there.
(If you like anime i can definitely recommend ERASED and of course One Punch Man!)

and at last a song for you! I must admit that this song is really weird but it's kinda catchy. *
(Sorry CHA, I know you won't like this song so i'm working on finding one for your playlist)

Good night Y'all!