Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OMG !Snoopermarket !!

Who the heck is the inventor of that name for a supermarket ? Guess who - the famous rapper SNOOP DOG!
I love JKL
these days cause I'm busy with my upcoming exam and all my homeworks. I've got at lot and it's actually okay, cause I like to do them... but I don't have that much time.. Only a week for 3 assignments, one powerpoint. I sounds like nothing, but I'm not used to standard  in the danish"gymnasiums" yet ;)
Well... Practice and get experience can do it ;]
So I'm sorry for only uploading "mindcrashers" right now. Baaby and  I are going to do a photo shoot soon and it's almost time for countdown for the big holiday!

Here's the video that made my day:
btw.. he's going to sing for Prince William and Kate Middelton's wedding .. so he made his own themesong for the price's "polterabend" called
WET Listen to it here