Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ridiculous lovely JB stuff ...

... That I wish for Christmas... Hmm'... I got that question today and it took me a while  to answer cuz I had to consider the endless options for  "The16-year old popsenation Justin Bieber" merchandise collection. Many think that it's stupid but i think it a quite good idea to use Bieber as a promoter cuz he's famous worldwide right now. Just look on google. There are dolls, cloth and nail lacquerer too, which i already have blogged about.

- I ended up with love theese.

Bieber teddys <3

Just put your favorite hangover drink in this bottle and your day will be bieutiful.

Supra TK Society sneakers ($160) - seen on bieber <3

Justbeats Solo - 199.95$