Friday, December 31, 2010

Season of Fireworks


Your eyes smile
I can see many sunny days ahead for us
The day I kissed your cheek
I had the whole world

The image's treasure
It's your beauty

                                                                     The longing stays on your face
Familiarity won't disappear


Our future is like a circle 

The ring on our fingers 
                        Reminds of us our vow 
To make things perfect in the end


I want to pull you close to me
To block the wind, the snow

 lean your head on my shoulder 
Share with me every coming day

Feeling the hold of your hand
while watching the
firework's most glorious season

The treasured moment that lights up our happiness
So we can see further away
Feeling the warmtof your hand
while sharing this colorfull moment 
Everything in life lights up
Our joy erupts

Every day I'm loving you 

Time doesn't matter - I'll always desire your love
That won't ever change My love's constant

Happy New year!