Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deep fried health

I woke up 4.30 AM this morning and weird enough I was well rested… too well rested to be honest. I ate tomato pasta for breakfast, and about noon I headed out down town to the library with my siblings to get some books and movies and on our way home they got hungry and I bought them some pizza. I am not allowed to eat fast food right now. I  am on a diet, and my dad is more in to it than I am. Yesterday he convinced me to hit the treadmill and I ran until my foot were sore and I could not walk normally. Lucky for me the pain is gone now and I think I want to run later again. maybe that is why I have so much energy?.. For snack my dad made me some fried apples and bananas.. unhealthy… and they reminds me of what my mom says about my face…:”you look like a deep-fried chicken”

Well I better enjoy them while watching High School Musical with the kiddos.
             - Enjoy the fat, the oil and the auto tuned movie. 




Todays look: skulls and dried lips.