Friday, February 4, 2011

I’m doomed..

Hi there ! Well..I’m sick right now and I can’t even breathe. My day was awful !!
Yesterday I came home about 7-8 because I helped a friend with some kids scouts presentation about Vietnam. It’ was really fun and I was surprised how the kids were all interested. They’re between 5-11 years old and they seemed to never get bored’. I played the Vietnamese game “Con Tho” and made a quiz about Vietnam and lovely enough - they were really in to it. They wanted to be experts! Smiley med åben mund

Well .. afterwards I helped with the usual duties at home, like do the dishes, clean after dinner, clean the house etc. and at 9 I remembered that I had to bake a cake for my class. When the cake was in the oven, I had to do the laundry too. And when the cake was done, I thought I could go to bed, but nonono… My friend wrote to me on facebook and asked me about a math assignment… Yeah… I forgot everything about it so when I was finished… The clock said 2 am… OMG –.-
I slept for 4 hours and when I woke up. The light from the bathroom made me dizzy and I fell down on the stairs. all the way down and hit the radiator.. At first it didn’t hurt, but then I got nosebleed. I went to school anyway but then my back, my shoulders and but began to bother me cuz they were sore. Well I couldn’t do anything beside participate in gym/sports classes. My friends notices it and I felt embarrassed about my stubbornness so I did not tell them everything at first, but later on, I had to confess.
By math we ate my carrot cake and I think it was too sweet. I’m happy that my classmates liked it .. but I was not satisfied.. It needed some cream cheese frosting!!
When I finally got home from school .. I got sick immediately…yeah… And then I remembered … all my friends are going to the masquerade party at my school today… OHHH I want to go tooo but I can’t!!! …
Well .. I survive… I just got nosebleed again.

Night folks !