Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nintendo 3DS or SONY NGP

OHHHH !!! I WANT THIS…. or  THIS ONE!!! …. ehhh… Dilemma … T__T
Both of these game consoles are coming out in 2011 and it’s the 3DS is from Nintendo and the NGP is from Sony.
Nintendo 3DS is just like the DSi with a few updates. It can play games as usual, take pictures with the two cameras, post them on Facebook, surf on the internet with Wi-fi, you can download games, programs though their point shop, write notes and much more. It’s in the stores in Europe about October and would cost about the normal price of a Nintendo DSi – that would be about 200-250 $.

Then there’s the Sony NGP and it looks like it’s predecessor – the SONY PSP(PlayStation Portable). It has an OLED-screen with a high screen solution so if you want, you can use it to watch movies on the go.  It has “multi touch” like smartphones , but both on the screen and on the back which means that you can control from the back with you fingers. It has 2 cameras – one on the back and the front. It has GPS and supports Wi-Fi and it’s available in the stores before 2012 … in JAPAN ….  which means … there’s no date settled for the European premiere.  omg …