Saturday, July 9, 2011

Böda Strand @Öland - My day in pictures + unnecessarily long descriptions

Short story: I went to a beach @ Öland called Böda Sand. I loooved it ! 23 degrees, no clouds! it took 2 hours by car to get there, but it was worth it! There was also a lot of other activities but mostly for the kids' ...and me. It was a cool experience to see a helicopter flying 7 meters over my head when i was in the water and it even stopped above me for like ten seconds, making a a sort of small "air hole" in the water. I'm exhausted,  but i was challenged to answer the 100 questions, that i have seen a lot of bloggers do... but i would like to save that for another day. Challenge accepted ! and goodnight !

Picture descriptions:

Picture 1: my cousin Bo sleeping .. and snorring. hahahah!
Piture 2: Morning vietnamese karaoke (yup my cousins are funny)... I think the machine is broken because  the text on the screen says that my cousin Bop "is handsome" .... Objection!

Picture 3: my morning and night ice'coffe - vietnamese style, made by my lovely aunt ! ^^

Picture 4: Coconut Juice from the local Asian Market' - refreshing, but after one sip, i have to drink the whole can because i always fish after the coconut pieces.' btw... Swedish radiostations sucks.. okay only those here in Kalmar.. there are too many commercials and only really old music you can't sing along with.

Picture 5: my cosuin said the beach was only an one hour trip by car... it took 2 hours to get there... but the the landscape was pretty.. sadly i didn't manage to get a picture of the camels. yes camels on an island in sweeden...

Picture 6: huge chess pieces!!! Nobody wanted to play with me .... T__T

Picture 7: I had to take a picture of the sign in order to remember the name, if I would like to pay a visit next time ^^

Picture 8: a pile of ... yeah.. stuff?

Picture 9: A lovely playgrond... I'm 17 and WHATEVER - I DON'T CARE. As long as my but can fit the slide, i don't care how stupid i look like !! :D

Picture 10: A platform with a slide ! :D
Picture 11Swings. my cousins and my sister - Luckily they did not crash into each other.

Picture 12: Three of my cousins,' funny picture. Bop in the back, Bin is the one falling and Bo is the one flying. Bi is missing cause he went to Liseberg in Göteborg yesterday and will be back tonight, so he missed the trip to the beach.

Picture 13: Seafood, after a day on the beach. What else can you demand ? :b

Last picture says it self   -  fail'n funny family picture. hahahah !! mistakes is what that makes us perfect' for photographies