Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wear your fears, because it suits you better

I know it's late, but today ... I mean yesterday - I went to a beach @öland. The weather was awesome and I accidentally slept under the smiling and torturing sun. Lucky for me, that I remembered my sunblock (SPF 20) or I would look like a lifeless boiled shrimp with wrinkles in no time. I ate like a pig when I came home because I insisted that I wasn't hungry before we went out .... Lol!! I should never have done that' -__-. Btw. I fogot my phone at home so no Beach pictures unfortunately
Yesterday,.... Or the the day before yesterday... I dreamt about IT .... You know that freaky pshyco clown?
When I was about six, my grandfather and I watched a 2 min clip from the movie.... And since then THAT SCENE has haunted me for years... For those of you who actually have seen the whole movie... It is the scene where he is in .. I think it is called the sewer ? And he teeth .... Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Never mind. I think you got my point .
I am quite afraid of clowns now ... And tonight it is going to be even worse because I can't sleep if I'm worried'.
Yesterday I dreamt that IT would drown me in a pool... But... Every time i'm out "swimming", i tend to get nightmares. Mostly it is about drowning.
If I haven't already mentioned it ............ I can't swim. - well it sounds like nothing right?
Here comes the crucial part: I'M AFRAID OF WATER. Damn scared of fresh'n crystal clear water. Can't even close my eyes for ten seconds under the shower, without freaking out like a beast, losing breath and hit my head on the wall'.

My chinese/vietnmese zodiac is the dog... But i'm a cat when it comes to water... And everybody in my family LOVES WATER AND CAN SWIM.

I found this shirt @New Yorker in Malmö, but forgot my wallet otherwise I would have bought it. I think I would sleep in it, and hope it would make my fear disappear. Just an idea.
But a thought just hit me. I have a clown light in my old room, which is my sisters now, and I could never sleep because of it. I always had the feeling that it would spy on me and wait untill i fell asleep, so it could "wake up" and move it's stiff body and rip my arms and head of... Okay i must admit that it was a dramatic thought but I always tend to imagine that kind of stuff.
- I used to sneak into my grandparents room at Night.