Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today me 'n my family, my aunt from copenhagen + my little cousin Tu Quyen, my other aunt from Malmø and my older cousin Bin/Don are going to Kalmar to visit my uncle, my aunt and my three cousins. Three funny boys with three weird nicknames. Bi/Kevin is the oldest, Bop/Quan the second and Bo/Nhat is the youngest.
It's just a Quick Update for now. I Think i will blog tonight, but there is a 3 hours journey by car from Malmø to Kalmar. Sigh*
Today's fart face:
Remember to check out - Jason (Editor) and I wrote a horror story on twitter. He started it about 2 am and I continued it when i woke uo at 9 am - my head doesn't work proberly at that time, but you should definitely check their blog out !' ;)

Jason asked me to name the story, but I had no idea, but now I think the story should be called - instead of "A Horror Story", it should be " Hundred Acre Wood".
I would like to admit .... Jason's name is "Jason Honorato"... The first time i saw it.. I believed that it was "HORRORato". hahahahahah ! Sorry J' XD