Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Outfit post of yesterday(because the internet dissapeaered when i wrote this post): blueeyed makeup, most comfortable wedges, wonderwoman bangles, turquoise necklace, my fav shirt'dress and my head looks like a kinderei'.

Accessories are docorative and compliments driffrent kinds of outfits.   Some say that your best accessory is your smile. My best accessory is my siblings: they make me smile, match every kind of outfit and compliments my life with their colorfull spirits and love'. Fashion doesn't shape me, love does. Even violence is a kind of love... Omg lol! What was that?!!!# ... okay fail I ruined it!, I have to get back to the right mood again, - okay one more time.

Love shapes me…     (beside the unexisting love from a man)

~ Emtinism