Tuesday, July 5, 2011

on the other side

Heeey Guys !.

Soo sorry !! I have NOT been busy at all, but i had a "laptop-free" week, and my Iphone is .... well, sucks to upload photos on the blog... as some of you might have noticed. I am not home this week because my parents suddenly wanted to go on a  trip. In the next couple of days i'm going to visit some family, diffrent places, but who, where and when,... i dont know. honestly. But I will blog as much as i can !:D

A friend and I wanted to loose some weight, but in order to be serious about it, we made a challange to motivate each other. We started June 22th by measuring our bodies and wrote down some "goals" and it ends August the 7th were we will be measured again - I'm going to do my best', and it really motivates me, that I have a competitor at the same level as me.
I'm lazy ... VERY lazy... to be exact: I'm goddamn illegally lazy !# Since i got an Iphone - which is 3 weeks ago but i just started to use it a week ago - I downloaded an aplication  to track my progress', awesome !

I'm at my uncle's place in Copenhagen right now and I went out to run this morning, despite i'm on vacation - but that's the laziest excuse ever for not to get some exercise ! It had been a quite hetic weekend and i have to get back on my "IT'S 6 AM _ RUN LIKE THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!%"-morning routine. The past days I have played hide and seek on my bed till 11 am, feeling sick and tired. I was glad that my cousin reminded me that the iphone has a GPS' so I downloaded a "run-app", so i could track myself on the map, time and the distance. I ran for like 45 min and then my feets began to be sore. Ironic i found myself standing in front of a hospital, and couldn't find the route. I was lost in a place called... ehhh .... HELLERUP!? OMG.

I'm in Malmö for the rest of the week - no other plans besides running but maybe some shopping with my cousin Chau !'
This time I will remember to update the blog - maybe with some pictures'. ^^