Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas eve: What did i get ? - I actually got a lot. More than i expected, and even much more than last year...  since i belong to the "older group" of the family I shouldn't get this much. I'm almost 18 ! and yet i'm just as spoiled as my younger cousins and siblings. 
My swedish cousins(boys) went back to Malmø this morning to participate in a football tournament, which sort of ruined the mood at the house. Because of their absence, the yearly poker nights have been replaced by family bingo. I'm used to play poker with the guys, but somehow as the year have passed my parents started to dislike the thought of their daughter playing poker. so they took my card deck and hided it,... but then my little sister found it.. and they allow her to play ... -.-
Poker is mostly for the adults(mostly men), but we replaced it with bingo so everyone independent of age could participate. As usual there is always a prize and my dearest aunt won 3 out of the 4 big gifts. my little sister got the last one, and after that, we started to play with money and still, Juliet won 3 times in a row. 
 Is luck in blood ? or can it be passed down to the next generation ? BECAUSE I HAVE LOST MY LUCK !!! I HAVE NEVER LOST THIS MUCH IN MY LIFE! OMG ! OH MY BIEBER !!#
I might envy Juliet. no. I'm jealous !!!!!##€
- I love my family! and the food they make . We ate Pho for breakfast and Hot pot for dinner ! UHM ! <3

I did not wish for anything special this year, but i wish for something that money can't afford. I actually think that my wish is... maybe a little unrealistic.. so i had to reformulate my wish.

I wish that we, my family, can break our hospital record - That we in 2012 can lower our hospital-visit. 
and that i always can be there for them - not only when they need me the most but always. even if they don't need me at all, i want to be there for them - because that's what family is for. 

Mhhh' that's a wish for my family.. and for myself ?

I wish an ability: loyalty
and a lot more than i can allow myself to ask for...

btw. I had the most delicious dish of the vietnamese dessert: "che" and this one was with BOBBAS !!!!! OMG !!#€%Y I FREAKING LOVE BOBBA !!!