Monday, December 26, 2011

Peter Pan

Earlier this afternoon, my nephew Thành aka Michael (he is two years old) cried like somebody had hurt him. The whole family were gathered in the living room and we were playing bingo, but we were all paralyzed when baby Michael came, eyes wet with tears down his cheeks. My niece bought him to his mother and when she asked him, what had happen, he could only cry even more. My niece explained that they were playing "family", and that Michael started to cry when they when they told him to go to "work". He did not like the idea of working hard to make money.


- I have to leave now.. We're having a big pillow fight. The Elders against The Kids - Sweden vs. Denmark. ... if you count me in, that's 4(age 16-23) vs. 6(age 2-17) and i'm in the last group.

I wish that grandpa could join us.