Thursday, December 29, 2011

I would't mind If I never get to see you face again

I admit it is a weird thought - Or I admit that I AM WEIRD because i have thought this thought - but I often compare the relationship I have with "guys" with the relationship I have with shoes. Somehow they are similar at some points:

At first
 I can't wait to get my fingers on them.
When I have them I can't wait to use them. 
When I have "used" them for some time, I can't hurry enough get a new to replace them,
 but I can never discard the old one.
 I'll save them and from time to time 
I'll use them again
and sometimes 
like they were new

Never settle for less
You'll see it won't be worth it,

That's why I prefer to enjoy other stuff in life like food* 

*today I was just "old enough" to eat kids meal at Jensens and that is for the age of 12 and below.